Which Celebrities Have Jumped on the Bitcoin Bandwagon?

Celebrities are a strange bunch. Being in the public eye, we are wholly aware of all the things they do and say, and they are under constant scrutiny. They are also the first to jump on bandwagons and follow any fad that’s going. This often means they keep up to date with the zeitgeist, and that their fans know they are modern and trendy.

One of the biggest tech trends of recent years has been the emergence of Bitcoin as a digital currency. And, there are a lot of different ways this appeals to people and benefits them. By jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, these celebs are showing that they understand Bitcoin is the future. They know about its growth, and they might even check out a Bitcoin casino while they’re at it. Here are some of the big names who have joined the Bitcoin movement in recent years.

Richard Branson

No surprise here, Richard Branson is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. So it stands to reason that he should be at the forefront of new and leading business movements. The eccentric Virgin billionaire is reportedly very excited about the development and direction that Bitcoin is likely to take. In fact, he recently announced that Virgin was beginning to accept Bitcoin payments, especially for its innovative Virgin Galactic space program.

Ashton Kutcher

Hollywood heartthrob Ashton Kutcher is much more than just a pretty face, he’s also an entrepreneur in the making. Years ago he founded an investment company and has a keen interest in the tech world. Kutcher has spoken about the validity of Bitcoin as a currency, and it seems likely his investment company is going to get involved. In the future Bitcoins could be huge, and this young star will be right in the mix as soon as that happens.

The Winklevoss Twins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are best known as Harvard rowers who sued Mark Zuckerberg over claims that he stole Facebook from them. But, they are also big players in the Bitcoin world and were passive investors in the company BitInstant. The twins have made a tidy profit from their Bitcoin investing, and they even bought seats on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic with their earnings!