Top 10 Casino Based Films

Want to brush up on your blackjack skills or poker strategy? You’ll probably want to watch one of these movies. Here are 10 casino based films that will make you want to join the high-rollers and spin your way to a win. One interesting fact is that some of the actors in these films (particularly Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) went on to become huge fans of casinos and gambling themselves. Make your way through this list and you might get the itch too!

1. Casino

If you’re looking for a film that covers greed, glamour, deception, power, money, sex and murder, look no further than Casino. With an all star cast including Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci, this film gives us a glimpse into the Vegas style, gambling life that two mobster best friends lead along with a trophy wife. They have a gold over the gambling empire…but nothing stays perfect for long.

2. Swingers

Starring a very young Vince Vaughn and John Favreau, this film follows the lives of some unsuccessful wannabe actors. With things in life looking terrible and no day job to speak of, it’s time to get a night life! And so is the story of how the cast become regulars at a local bar and learn the in’s and out’s of a world that revolves around money, sex and…well, more money.

3. Bugsy

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of America- if not the world. But did you ever wonder how it all came to be? Well, it started with one man- Bugsy. Bugsy Siegal is an infamous, heartless, womanising gambler, who doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone who crosses his path the wrong way. He stumbles across the then dead town of Las Vegas whilst on a business trip…and soon gets a new business idea of his own.

4. Ocean’s Eleven

Could you ask for a more star filled cast? Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Brad Pitt all star in this mega action movie where the main character, Danny Ocean, alongside eleven carefully selected accomplices, decides to rob three casinos in Las Vegas- at the exact same time.

5. Casino Royale

007 is in his element when his latest mission includes guns, gambling and a pretty girl on his arm. Bond’s latest enemy is an extremely dangerous weapons dealer. Bond’s mission? To beat him in a game of poker where the stakes are higher than you could ever imagine. Is Bond prepared to risk it all? He could be about to lose everything…and everyone.

6. 21

If you love gambling, action and tense moments that keep you on the edge of your seat, you’ll love “21”- a fact based film all about casinos. It focuses on the lives of six students from MIT who have all been trained to the highest level in card counting. They then head to Vegas ready to take the casinos for millions…but can money ever really buy true happiness?

7. The Hangover

A stag do weekend in Vegas with your three best friends- well, two best friends and an oddball. It’s every guys fantasy, right? That is until things go horribly wrong in Vegas, with a plot involving pro boxers, poker chips, multiple Doug’s and a baby. But come on- what more could you possibly dream of the day before your wedding?!

8. The Cooler

Imagine being that unlucky that you were actually hired by casinos to prevent people from winning? An easy job, sure, but a miserable one too. But what happens when “lady luck” turns out to be a real woman and you just so happen to fall in love with her, suddenly getting luck on your side. You can only imagine how many problems that’s going to cause…and how many angry bosses will be hot on your tail.

9. Rounders

Gambling can so easily become an addiction, and it’s very difficult to quit. However, it’s something that young Mike has achieved. However, will his new, reformed gambler status last long now that his friend’s asked for his help…help in winning some cash from the local casino in order to help repay some loan sharks. Trouble can only be just around the corner…but so can lady luck. Mike just has to play his cards right.

10. Casino Jack

Jack Abramoff is on a lifetime mission to get his hands on all of the good things life has to offer using his three tools- money, privilege and power. Used to getting what he wants, when he wants it, Jack can only imagine what will happen when him and his business partner Michael Scanlon team up with a dangerous, mob-connected acquaintance to pull off their next scheme.