Tiger Woods

Born in California in 1975, Eldrick Tont Woods was nicknamed ‘Tiger’ by his US Army Officer father – who gave him the moniker in honour of one of his own fallen comrades.

His father was also the man who taught him to play golf – and by the age of 8, Tiger was so good he was appearing on national TV demonstrating his skills.

After winning a string of amateur titles, Woods turned pro in 1996, and the very next year at the age of just 21 he won the US Masters. Not only was he the youngest player to ever win that title, he was also the first African-American – and his score of 270 was the highest ever.

This trio of records made headlines around the world – and in the years to follow he won thee PGA titles, he won the US open three times, and took the US Masters title three more times too.

In 2004 Tiger married his girlfriend of many years, Swedish model Elin Nordegren. In 2007 she gave birth to their first child. That same year he won both the PGA title, and the World Golf Championships.

In 2009, reports emerged suggesting that Tiger Woods had cheated on his wife with the manager of a Vegas nightclub. Tiger and the woman both denied the claims – but photos soon emerged to back up the story. In November that year neighbours reported a disturbance in front of the Woods’ house – with press reports suggesting Elin had smashed the rear window of Tiger’s car with a golf club. There was no comment from Woods himself.

As the story rumbled on, more and more apparent mistresses came out of the woodwork – with evidence suggesting that Woods had cheated on his wife with as many as 12 women. Elin was soon seen back in Sweden, where it is believed she bought herself a new home for herself and her sister. She was no longer wearing her wedding ring.

Las Vegas Addict


Many of the women claiming to have had relations with Tiger had one thing in common – they claimed he’d met them in Las Vegas.

Known for his love of gambling, Woods started playing Blackjack in his early 20s. Back then he was playing at the $100 tables, but these days he’s more likely to be found among the high rollers.

The Tiger Woods foundation also runs ‘Tiger Jam’ – a yearly celebrity poker tournament that raises money for good causes. At the most recent event, Tiger wiped Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban out. But at least it was all for charity.

Tiger and Elin have now divorced – and Woods has since dated a number of other women. He briefly managed to get his golf game back on track too – winning five tournaments in his 2013 season, although poker-winnings aside, his performance in 2015 has been notably poor.