The D Casino Hotel in Las Vegas Seems To Be The New Celeb Hotspot

There is only one place to go in Las Vegas if you’re a celeb at the moment, and that’s the D Casino Hotel. Run by owner Derek Stevens and his wife Nicole; the place is bursting with excitement. So it’s no surprise that when three-time Emmy Award winning actress Jennifer Finnigan, from the breakout hit Tyrant wanted to celebrate her birthday, she chose here.

But don’t worry, she wasn’t the only celebrity there for the night. She was joined by an all-star celeb cast including her husband Jonathan Silverman, Chris McKenna, Jeremy Cohenour, and Mac Brandt, and they were all causing quite a scene as fans were hustling to get snaps of the TV stars. And that lucky Chris McKenna proved not only popular with fans, but also the glamorous Dancing Dealers who were keen to get photos with the handsome celeb.

The guys enjoyed an epic meal, with Brandt ordering the mammoth Tomahawk steak at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse, which is definitely not for the faint-hearted. We think a big old manly guy like him would have had no problems, though.

Later, Jonathan and Jennifer continued their celebrations with the VIP Celeb host, Richard Wilk who waltzed them around the tables and made it a birthday bash to remember for blonde Jennifer, who was all smiles on the night.

The visit wouldn’t be the only time that ‘Kingdom’ boy Brandt turned up at the D Casino Hotel. He must have been impressed by the great drinks on offer in the world famous LONGBAR, because he was spotted there again with fellow actor Jonathan Tucker a few nights later, with the two spending the evening in the company of owner Derek Stevens and his lovely wife, Nicole. With nights out as fun-filled as these, it’s no wonder that the celebs are barging the doors down to get a piece of the action.

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