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Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald is a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. You might know him best as a writer on Roseanne, and appearing on The Drew Carey Show. In more recent years he has carved out quite the following on the stand-up comedy circuit. Comedy Central actually named him 83rd on their list of the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time.

But, like many celebrities, Norm has had to battle a lot of demons, among them, a serious gambling addiction. Norm is clean in recent years as he managed to kick the habit, but, it didn’t start like that. In fact, the funnyman revealed that he once enjoyed a huge win in Atlantic City playing craps, and this led to the birth of the addiction that would plague him for years.

Norm actually wound up losing everything as a result of his addiction and had to start from scratch again. In fact, he had done this three times in his life before he was able to kick his habit; it’s a wonder he’s still here! Many celebrities self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, and it seems MacDonald decided to medicate with gambling. His addiction was all-consuming, and it was his escape from the pressures of his life.

Norm has been very candid in talking about his addiction problems. He has been on several talk shows, most notably Larry King, to discuss his gambling problems. And this is a cautionary tale for many people out there who like to gamble on a regular basis.

He details several of his lowest moments during his life as a gambling addict, including losing his last $3,000 on a game of Blackjack. Apparently, he blew it all on a weekend trip to Vegas before even checking into his hotel. He got into a self-destructive pattern and almost ruined his life as a result.

But, Norm MacDonald is one of those who fell into the pit of gambling addiction and came up for air once again. It seems as though he has built his life back up since his troubles, and this is something that people should definitely take strength from. If you want to know about the real issues with gambling addiction, we advise you to take Norm’s story as a cautionary tale. In fact, get online now and Google his Larry King interview to make sure you get the full scoop.