Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players of all time – although basketball isn’t the only field he has excelled in! Now retired from the sport, Jordan has gone on to become a well-respected businessman and the chairman of the Charlotte Hornets too.

During his time as a professional basketball player, Jordan managed to play 15 NBA seasons for two different teams, the Chicago Bulls, and the Washington Wizards. He won several awards, medals, and trophies and had even been said to be the reason that the NBA became such a worldwide interest – he actually shaped the way people view basketball as a sport today.

Basketball isn’t the only passion of Jordan’s, however; for a while, he was just as passionate about gambling too. It wasn’t just casino gambling that Jordan was really into- although he did love that too- but more sports betting. In particular, golf! While basketball was obviously Jordan’s favorite physical activity, he also loved golf and was an avid player. While betting in golf is common, most people bet around the $100 a hole mark. However, Jordan used to aim bigger, much bigger- he would often bet $100,000 a hole, sometimes increasing this figure to as much as $300,000!

And this wasn’t the only activity Jordan liked to gamble away on either; he would sometimes bet as much as $100,000 in a simple game of rock, paper, scissors!

While Jordan has never confessed to having an addiction of sorts, it is evident that he did have a severe gambling problem, betting extreme amounts that he didn’t have on very minor activities. It’s hardly surprising that he ended up going bankrupt. Nowadays, it seems that Jordan is being a little more sensible with his money, which is good to see.