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James Woods

James Woods is a Hollywood icon, and one of the most versatile actors of his generation. Best-known for movies such as Videodrome, Once Upon a Time in America, and Casino, James is one of the industry’s most recognisable talents. And he is still going strong at the age of 70. Woods has won 3 Emmy Awards and had 2 Oscar nominations in his career, and he is also something of a big name on the Poker circuit.

There are a lot of different actors who have gotten involved in the Poker scene. For example, Ben Affleck has been cited as a talented Poker player, and he even won the 2004 California State Poker Championship. Woods is another Hollywood star who has transitioned to the Poker circuit and is considered to be an avid Poker player.

When you are an actor or rock star, there are plenty of vices available to you. And, if we’re being honest, spending time and money on Poker is much healthier than a debilitating hard drug habit! If James has money to burn and wants to spend it on Poker, then we say more power to him!He has played in a number of charity tournaments, including WPT’s Hollywood Home Game series to raise money for the American Stroke Association.

He has also had over 30 placed finishes in major Poker tournaments, and there has been talk of going professional. Many feel that Woods may leave acting and take up Poker full time. This is unlikely, but we can see what people might have thought it. More likely, Woods will continue acting, and play on the Poker circuit on the side as well.

One of his biggest successes so far came on Season 4 of the World Poker Tour where he finished 24th. He also had a 7th placed finish at the WSOP 2015 No-Limit Hold’em event, where he scooped winnings of close to $30,000.

It seems that gambling has always been a part of James Woods’ DNA, after roles in Casino and The Gambler. These roles cemented his love for a flutter, and it looks likely he will continue to play. Woods even spoke in an interview about how he plays online every morning. We just hope that it doesn’t turn into a debilitating gambling addiction that sends him down a dark road.