Celebrities you didn’t know loved eSports

The world of eSports is growing every year, and it won’t be too much longer before it becomes mainstream. With recent reports of Facebook getting involved in the eSport world, it seems only a matter of time before more people start to discover it. So, while it’s still something of a niche community, we thought it might be a good time to take a closer look.

Just because you might not be familiar with eSports, doesn’t mean this isn’t a burgeoning community in itself. You have to make sure you check out how this online gaming sector is growing – in fact, there are even celebrities who are big fans of eSports and who even bet on eSports once in a while! These are some of the famous people we bet you never knew are really into the world of eSports.

Justin Bieber

He might be a multi-multi-platinum selling global megastar, but the Bieber still has the time to relax and enjoy a bit of eSports in his spare time. We know the kid is a big fan of gaming in general, and it seems he also has quite the affinity for eSports, in particular, League of Legends. The Canadian has Tweeted about his enjoyment of the league, and that famed player Teemo is his favorite champion. While we’re not sure what his handle is, we have no doubt Justin has enjoyed a few LoL battles!

FC Schalke 04

Yes, believe it or not, German Bundesliga soccer franchise FC Schalke 04 actually purchased the League of Legends team Elements. They then decided to brand the team to match with the franchise, even giving them a strip that resembled the football kit. Unfortunately, the eSports team had a tumultuous season, and they were relegated to the Challenger league. Still, this shows an interesting development with sports teams getting involved in the world of eSports.

Aisha Tyler

Actress and comedienne Aisha Tyler is known to be an avid gamer and a huge fan of League of Legends. The Californian has even posted her gamerscore on her social media, and was criticised as it wasn’t very good! But, Tyler doesn’t appear to care one bit, stating that she doesn’t care what people think and that she doesn’t play to be the best or to prove a point, but because she loves playing. You tell them, Aisha!

Rick Fox

Former LA Lakers star Rick Fox has gone a step further and actually has his own eSports team! Celebrities invest in many different things, and Fox has made the decision to invest in eSports, founding his organization known as Echo Fox. The company has teams, and sponsored players, across eight different games, and the former Small-Forward has an innovative approach to management within eSports.

These are just a few of the celebrities who have shown themselves to be fans of eSports. You might not be au fait with it yourself just yet, but this lot show the growing influence and popularity of eSports as a community. There is no doubt that in the future this is going to become even more popular, and we could see more and more celebrities becoming actively involved in eSports.